Using digital tools as a catalyst for better and more sustainable design.

This blog represents our ongoing findings on vision and reality about utilizing digital tools in the architectural and urban design field.
We believe that in sustainable design the really significant decisions happen in the early stages. Hence the focus of this blog is on green building design tools for architects and planners that are easy to learn and apply.  To be successful in the architectural community these tools shall be interactive and provide visually comprehensible output. They shall enable the designer to make informed decisions based on simulation results and support clear client communication.

bldgsim is written by Jens Voshage (bldgsim) and Kerstin Müller (mskemu). The opinions expressed on bldgsim are our own; they do not reflect the views of our employers with whom this blog is not affiliated.

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About Jens Voshage

Jens Voshage is a graduate Architect from Stuttgart, Germany.
He has moved to Vancouver, Canada in 2004 and continues to work for Kasian Architecture.

He has worked in multi-disciplinary collaborative environments on a wide variety of projects ranging from olympic sports facilities, large transportation projects, healthcare, educational and research buildings to multi-family housing, renovations, air supported exhibition structures and interior design.

He had a leading role in several design competitions that were awarded prizes.

His experience includes architectural design and documentation, 3D simulation and analysis, 3D modelling, rendering, animation and multimedia presentations as well as architecture and real estate marketing including architectural illustration, web development and photography.

He was involved in CAD training and tutoring, developing CAD and graphic standards for schematic design and presentation integrating a range of computer technologies into the design process.

In 2007 he has received Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Professional Accreditation by the Canada Green Building Council.

His design focus is on thoughtful appropriate and responsive architecture.

His interests include sustainability, the built environment, design, economics, technology and social politics.

See his website for recent and past projects.

About Kerstin Mueller

Kerstin received her degree in Architecture from the University of Stuttgart in Germany. After living and working in Stuttgart, Lyon, Seattle and Vienna she is currently based in Vancouver, Canada.

Her work experience ranges from design, project management, construction administration and visualization of low-energy housing developments to working as a researcher at Fraunhofer Institut.

Kerstin is committed to sustainability in her private and professional life. She is a LEED AP (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional) and is enrolled in the NaSBAP, the National Sustainable Building Advisor Program.

Kerstin is currently looking for part-time or contract work in the field of sustainable architecture. Check out her personal website for detailed information on her background and work experience.

  1. Hi,

    Here is a story I thought you might find interesting:

    There are islands of plastic debris the size of Texas floating around in the Pacific and other oceans. Home appliance maker, Electrolux, is going to turn them into vacuum cleaners.

    To inspire people into solving the issue and bring awareness to the situation, Electrolux will go to the scene of the crime and gather plastic from the plastic islands, and from the material gathered, turn it into vacuum cleaners.

    The global initiative is called “Vac from the Sea” and aims to bring attention to the issue of plastic pollution and at the same time combat the scarcity of recycled plastics needed for making sustainable home appliances

    Link to campaign site

    Link to youtube clip

    Images and graphics:

    Please contact me should you need more information.

    Best regards
    Maja Dahl

  2. Hi,

    I love your blog!

    I work with Valentin Software. We develop and distribute solar design software for both PV and Solar Thermal systems. The company was founded 20 years ago in Berlin, Germany.
    Why don’t you have a look at our web site?
    You might find our software products interesting, especially because you guys have a German background, too.
    The web site of the German parent company is

    Best regards,

  3. Hello,

    New inovative software pvPlanner, for solar radiation site analysis and yield assessment available now at:

    This tool is perfect alternative to PVGIS, which is free but in other hand not so accurate and reliable.

    With pleasure we can say that our software works with the best solar data presently available on market (recent study of University of Geneva in collaboration with International Energy Agency; February 2011)

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