Importing Revit Architecture into Unity3D Tutorial

This is a tutorial describing the basic steps involved with importing Revit Architecture model into Unity3D for realtime, online architectural visualization. Check out our Architectural Beginner’s Kit for additional tutorial documentation, prefabs and resources to help get your Unity3D architecture project started:​?p=2950

  1. Bill Spence

    Unity3D looks interesting. What advantage is there in importing into it rather than doing redering or walkthru in Revit? Is there time savings or better quality or flexibilty in using more than one program?

  2. thank you for this article. I am also learning Unity3d to make some games and your article has helped me get some insights and ideas. Thanks again.

  3. Brendan Clarke

    The benefits are in performance (smoother ad more responsive) and the freedom of a gaming engine navigation. The interface can also be published to a website or exported to an exe

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