DView Weather Data Visualisation Program

DView displays hourly time series data in a variety of formats. Mistaya engineering developed DView for NREL to help with the visual analysis of all kinds of hourly time series data, with a particular emphasis on “typical meteorological year” data. DView opens text files and Excel files containing any type of hourly data, and it recognizes several particular file formats, including TMY2, TMY3, and EPW files.
One of DView”s most useful features is its ability to graphically compare two or three data sets. You can compare the data in a time series graph…
The screenshots below show various visualisation capabilities comparing Vancouver EPW and Calgary EPW datasets.
Dview can be downloaded for free at the mistaya engineering site ..

  1. Javier

    I would like to find a program like D-View but with not only hoourly data. I mean, the same kind of display but the data’s timestep could be anyone, like 5min or 10 min

  2. Matthew Boyd

    I recommend trying Kst. Free, VERY fast, but needs a little more setup.


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