Creating a High Quality Ecotect Weather File from Meteonorm

Just stumbled across this interesting Ecotect tutorial: “One of the problems with the weather files that are bundled with Ecotect is that they are usually out-dated. Also, most of the weather stations are city airports which do not reflect the true weather conditions that might be prevailing on your site. This is the reason why it’s preferable to create your own weather file from Meteonorm or other similar software.

The advantage of using Meteonorm to create a better .wea file is that this software extrapolates weather data from the nearest weather stations from the location that you have provided and gives results relevant to the site of the project. Also, the data is created using 20-year measurement periods so there is very little variation from the current averages.”

Read the full tutorial on the Sustainotect blog …

  1. May Wen

    Dear author,
    i have been following this tutorial via as well; however i still find it impossible to proceed further at the section where we choose SITE, then CITIES.

    I am looking for Port au prince, Haiti’s weather file. Do you have any idea how could i generate it from scratch? Thank you!

    • nomameswey

      Hi May
      I too would like to create a .wea file from scratch but I can’t figure out how! Have you gotten any info on that yet?

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