Want to Learn about gbXML

I recommend seeing this archived webcast “Using Green Building XML for Sustainable Building Design”. Members of the gbXML advisory board demonstrated how tools for Building Information Modeling (BIM) can integrate with various analysis software, using the interoperability of gbXML to help create more sustainable building designs. Presentations and product demos included the following:

  • Autodesk Revit Architecture and Ecotect Analysis
  • Bentley Building Mechanical Systems
  • Cadsoft Envisioneer
  • Environmental Design Solutions Limited (EDSL) Tas Software
Sample gbXML Code

Sample gbXML Code

View the archived webcast or check out the redesigned gbXML.org website ..

  1. Greetings to all,

    I couldn’t find a better place were to leave this message in this blog, more directly to the owning bloggers, but this seems an appropriate post to comment on.
    If this is in anyway inappropriate, erase this comment, but please also inform us what better way is to provide this information.

    So here goes… this is our press release:
    «blueCAPE presents its gbXML2STL Exporter

    Currently, the simulation of physical processes inside buildings and their surroundings is being carried out more and more often, due to its importance when trying to estimate and improve any given building’s performance, energy or otherwise. However, in the current state-of-practice, many simulation processes are incomplete, ignoring important physical aspects or considering them with low-resolution models, or complex, combining different tools with awkward data-exchange procedures.

    gbXML2STL is a small but, we believe, important contribution towards complete and accurate simulations of physical processes in the built environment. It converts the geometrical information contained in gbXML files into the more common STL format. The latter is an older format in the Computer Aided Engineering field and thus more readily accepted by sophisticated and powerful simulation tools used in other domains of engineering practice. For simplicity, it is a command line driven utility, able to export relevant building components (openings, rooms and connections between rooms) as solid objects into a single STL file, or into individual STL files, discriminating them adequately. For more information please visit our product page .

    blueCAPE is an engineering services company incorporated in 2004. It works for several multinational companies in Portugal and abroad. It is market leader in the home market, due to its expertise and focus on the client. We are open to discuss global partnerships in this field of activity.»

    Best regards,

  1. 1 Want to Learn about gbXML – Webcast Part II « bldgsim

    […] Building Studio, IES Virtual Environment, Revit, Revit Tools A webcast organized by gbxml.org was mentioned earlier on this blog. Now there will be a second free webcast titled “Using Green Building XML […]

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