Online eLearning Platform for Whole Building Energy Simulation is an online eLearning platform for whole building energy simulation, day lighting simulation and LEED practioners’ courses and tutorials.
Vibyor offers self learning tutorials and courseware on Weather and Material data, VisualDOE, eQUEST, ECOTECT, DesignBuilder, EnergyPro and EnergyPlus.


“We believe that energy simulation is highly inter-disciplinary and experential in nature and can not be learnt over 2 week work shop or even a two year course. A practitioners first need to make a beginning and needs to have acees to a knowledgeable resource as she encounters complex simulation modeling problem during course of field work.

Vibyor has positioned itself to fill these complex gaps with eLearning platform where complex energy simulation modeling courses are developed by experienced authors and made available to learners at reasonable price.

Vibyor has also created a platform for existing practitoners to share their learnings by offering a course on the platform. This platform is named tXchange. tXchange also creates a learning milieu for students and course authors through Chat, Forum and Connection building with like minded Green Building Practitioners. Interested authors can also conduct Webinars or live courses using the platform.”

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  1. VIBYOR has launched two comprehensive energy simulation tutorials. “Getting started with EnergyPlus” is free. “Complete Energy Simulation using VisualDOE” is paid one.

    Getting started with EnergyPlus (Authored by Dr Vishal Garg) covers following details

    Complete Energy Simulation using VisualDOE (authored by Dr Vishal Garg and Surekha Tetali) covers following

    Both tutorials are eLearning tutorials and are supported through a forum. The skills acquired will be invaluable in making sustainable buildings.

  2. Another tutorial “Beginner’s energy simulation tutorial using eQUEST” has been launched.

    Tutorial is an excellent start for students and architects to get a foundation on using eQUEST for whole building energy performance.

    Tutorial has been authored by Dr’ing Jyotirmay Mathur.

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