March 2009 National Geographic Magazine: Saving Energy Starts at Home

ngm0903The March 2009 cover story, “Saving Energy Starts at Home” by Peter Miller, featuring a couple that attempts to reduce their energy use and carbon footprint, discusses the various ways people can live a more energy-efficient lifestyle. It also divulges all kinds of great facts about energy use in our daily lives and its broader implications.
Ultimately, the couple featured in the article was able to slash their electricity use by 70% and natural gas use by 40%. Granted, they started out approximately 30% above the national average for a two-person home, but very impressive nonetheless.
The website actually has some cool extra features, including this one about how the carbon footprint of various household appliances and what you can do about it.
Via Greenlightreflections

  1. I apologize, but I broke your link to my blog entry by changing the format of my permalinks. The new link is You’re welcome to ignore it, but I just wanted to let you know so you had the option to refresh the link. In any case, thanks for linking/reading.

    I’m a big fan of green building.

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