BIM based Energy Performance Assessment in Early Design Stages

A new tool for assessing building performance during the schematic design stage from within the Revit environment is being developed at GT Lab (Department of Architecture at the ETH Zurich).
Design Performance Viewer (DPV) will enter the market as a full commercial Revit add-on in January 2009. A trial version will be available at the same time.
Similar to IES Virtual Environment it plugs into Revit. It calculates thermal properties of your building designs and provides easily comprehensible visual feedback on energy efficiency.

The Design Performance Viewer played an important role in designing a zero CO2 emmision multi-family dwelling in Zurich which is underway right now.

Stay tuned; as soon as the trial version is out we will cover the software more thoroughly.

Read how the developers at GT Lab specify their tool:
“Due to the rising awareness of climate change and resulting building regulations worldwide, building designers increasingly have to consider the energy performance of their building designs. Currently, performance simulation is mostly executed after the design stage and thus not integrated into design decision-making. In order to evaluate the dependencies of performance criteria on form, material and technical systems, building performance assessment has to be seamlessly integrated into the design process. The DPV utilizes the capability of building information models to store multi-disciplinary information is utilized to access parameters necessary for performance calculations. In addition to the calculation of energy balances, the concept of exergy is used to evaluate the quality of energy sources, resulting in a higher flexibility of measures to optimize a building design. The DPV – Design Performance Viewer enables instantaneous energy and exergy calculations and the graphical visualisation of the resulting performance indices. Due to the direct connection to the design environment (Autodesk REVIT) an export or import of data is not necessary.”

Design Performance Viewer - Screenshot 1

Design Performance Viewer - Screenshot 1

Design Performance Viewer - Screenshot 2

Design Performance Viewer - Screenshot 2

Design Performance Viewer - Screenshot 3

Design Performance Viewer - Screenshot 3

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