View SketchUp Models in PowerPoint and Word

The ArchVision Discovery Viewer allows users to view Google SketchUp (.skp) models within Microsoft Office products such as PowerPoint, Word and Internet Explorer on Windows-based PCs.
With support for native SketchUp models including materials and textures, the Discovery Viewer is perfect for presenting designs within PowerPoint presentations. And the easy to use navigation tools make it easy for novices to interact with models in full 3d without the need for complicated software. The Discovery Viewer can be downloaded free of charge for the purpose of viewing a presentation or web page. Two versions of the Discovery Viewer Editor for publishing are available.

  1. Zvonimir Batarilo

    I have sketch up , powerpoint 2007 and archvision installed.
    Where in power point 2007 can I add skp/archvision file?
    Thanks in advance for help
    Kind regards

  2. Archvision Discovery Viewer is no longer available on their website. Any alternate download links of the old versions archived?

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