IES VE-Ware now links to SketchUp

Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) today launched a plug-in to Google SketchUp. This plug-in links directly to IES’s free VE-Ware tool which accurately determines the Yearly Energy Consumption and associated Carbon Dioxide Emissions for any building, in any part of the world.

How to determine a buildings Energy Consumption and Carbon Emissions for free in 5 easy steps…

  1. Model your building in Google SketchUp
  2. Open VE-Ware and tell it where your building is in the world
  3. Define your: Building Type, Construction materials, Heating and cooling system types, Room types
  4. Press a button – automatic detailed hourly thermal simulation is performed for you
  5. Get output on:  Energy Consumption, Regional CO2 emissions,US benchmark against the Architecture 2030 (Zero-Carbon) challenge

Read the news story on the IES website

Update: If you just want to use the free VE-Ware tool within SketchUp then the self contained installation package which includes a simple SketchUp plug-in is available at It is compatible with both the Free and Pro versions of Google SketchUp.

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